Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Up in The Woods

Halfway through fall semester and I can barely believe how fast these past few weeks have gone by. Though being busy with class, I've managed to find a large amount of time to continue photographing my newest project, as mentioned in an earlier post. With four of the photographs complete and only eight weeks left to finish this project I'm feeling bit stressed; the constant thought of my undecided digital II final floats in my subconscious, nabbing at me constantly. I've never felt so crammed with photographic work, yet I bring no yield, It truly is wonderful to be so engaged in such an art. The much time spent has been well worth it, as my body of work continues to grow and my love for the art flourishes. I really hope you enjoy the photographs, these really do mean a lot to me.

Until another 1am morning after spotting negatives.


Samuel Lucas Gove

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