Sunday, September 20, 2009

As fall looms overhead and the flu "epidemic" spreads, I've found myself to have come down with just such a bug. Since last Tuesday my body has seemed to be constantly low on energy, no matter how many hours I spent resting the night before. Since then I have been shoveling vitamins of every sort into my mouth hoping to only receive some small repercussions from the sickness. My body is still teetering on the idea of being sick or healthy and still can't seem to settle its mind, which has left me on the couch this entire weekend, hoping to recover before the workload of this up and coming week.

Since I haven't really left the house all that much this weekend, I decided to set up a studio once again in my living room, and practice some lighting arrangements and also tried to play around with some fashion and editorial ideas I had been wanting to create. I really do enjoy working with myself as a subject, especially when I'm just working to gain experience, I become 100% comfortable and engaging in my photographs. I just need to learn how to work better with models in the studio.

Hope all is well for everyone.

Sam Gove

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Redo Reuse Refuse Renew

Its been forever and the past month of my life has been a blur. I thought long of what to write and open with on this post, but I just couldn't pick my brain for anything. Just know things are about to be a bit more productive.

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