Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chicago Rooftops

Had a shoot with the one and only Meg Noe this past weekend. Really excited about what I got back after doing the scans this morning on the Imacons. Its my first work all semester for my fem series thats actually outside again (thank you chicago for warming up finally). Anyway with finals due in three weeks Im in super crunch time and will be posting a lot of work hopefully, cause if I don't I'm either way behind or am to busy to post.


Samuel Gove

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Time on My Side

Been lacking on posting, but I have loads of work to use as excuses. Photographed a couple more sets for my feminine beauty series and also worked on the image of Park. I've had those files for a couple months now but I was going back through them and found this gem. Really happy with how it turned out, really inspires me to shoot some more fashionesque images soon. So who knows!!??! Got about 4 weeks left of school and have to pop out two photo projects, hopefully for once time is on my side.

samuel gove

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Monday, March 22, 2010

21 and Older Only!

So yes, this past Saturday, being the 20th, was my 21st birthday and it was amazing. Around 12am friday night/saturday morning, Kim, Jimmy, and I celebrated the day by building a small fort out of blankets and a mattress in our living room. In the fort were our necessities for the night; Red Stripe pints, an ipod and speakers, and with no surprise, a blunt. Soon after, I fell asleep and woke up once the sun was finally coming up and started drinking. First choice and first purchase was a six pack of Gumball Head. Not goina lie, I love that beer. Around 1:30-2pm I met up with Park, Joey, Ryan, Kyle, and Joe around the six corners at Piece. Out of the hundreds of times I've passed that place I've never had it, needless to say it was quite delicious after the hour wait to be seated and then.................................................................................................yeah I don't remember much after the pizza. Park proceeded to order what seemed to be a never ending hodgepodge of house beers, which were also quite amazing. After the boys and I some how conquered the the one Blue Line stop from Damen to Western, heading back to my place I proceeded to, without surprise, pass out for a couple hours on my own birthday. I woke up, still intoxicated and eye sight blurry, to my friends still at the place, they soon said their goodbyes and left while I started to crack into another Gumball Head........................and faded once again.

For some more professional news, have a small showing/opening on the 27th of this month down at the Anode Gallery off of 18th St. in Pilsen. This is a great show with proceeds going to help end sexual violence and I hear there are going to be some awesome artist there who work in many other different mediums. Its byob and should be a good time, so if you have the time and wanna see some great work from some local artist please come support the scene here in Chicago. For me I'll be showing pieces from my continuing project of feminine beauty. Hope some of you can make it.


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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bring It In

Just wanted to throw up a phew quick raw scans from my East Coast trip this past winter break. It was amazing, and I miss every part of it constantly. Hopefully soon, if things are well, and money is flowing. I can head out on another trip this summer or something. Who knows, anyway, like I said Luca has been in town for the past few days and its been awesome having him back. Also hope to be photographing, if not tonight, than very soon for my Feminine Beauty project. YES!!! which I love working on. Its 7:50 and I must be off to class.


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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Just Kick It From My Head

So extremely busy with my LAS classes that I havent been able to really focus on my work lately. I feel a bit stressed more than ever and some say I show signs of depression. Weird. This past weekend was great; Luca flew in from New York on Thursday and is staying till this coming Wednesday, and on the word of friends visiting, Tony Katai and Alex should be getting in from Detroit to visit any hour now, so I hope to get some nice work done while everyone is visiting, and maybe it'll be a nice relief from all the everyday shit.

Apart from that I start my midterm project this wednesday hopefully. More on that soon hopefully, though I am very excited begin working. Also I am continuing my feminine beauty project and of course can't wait to get started.

I'm off to begin an Analysis paper for my French Revolution class, best to all :)

p.s. birthday in 5 days, SCORE!!


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back and Forth and in Between

First off, I do apologize. If there is anyone out there who actually follows this anymore, I am so sorry for my lack of posting and updating within the past few months. A lot has been going on in my world lately. From a road trip to the east coast(Detroit, New York, New Jersey, Virginia ect) to getting back into school and furthering my work. So needless to say, I have been keeping myself very busy. So please expect a lot more post in the near future and also take sometime to view some of the work above which ranges from the road trip in January, up until now. If you wanna see the rest of what I've been doing, check out my flickr @ Enjoy and leave some feedback if anyone is out there.

Samuel Lucas Gove

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Up in The Woods

Halfway through fall semester and I can barely believe how fast these past few weeks have gone by. Though being busy with class, I've managed to find a large amount of time to continue photographing my newest project, as mentioned in an earlier post. With four of the photographs complete and only eight weeks left to finish this project I'm feeling bit stressed; the constant thought of my undecided digital II final floats in my subconscious, nabbing at me constantly. I've never felt so crammed with photographic work, yet I bring no yield, It truly is wonderful to be so engaged in such an art. The much time spent has been well worth it, as my body of work continues to grow and my love for the art flourishes. I really hope you enjoy the photographs, these really do mean a lot to me.

Until another 1am morning after spotting negatives.


Samuel Lucas Gove

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