Thursday, October 1, 2009

One small step for Sam

I've become bored with my recent work and decided to take on a new documentary project. This project will consist of many conceptual portraits, which subject matter will include that of feminine beauty, gesture, and emotion. Through this project I will be examining relationships I myself have had, the out come of these relationships, and how these women within my life have inspired my personal vision of their influential feminine beauty. I will be photographing the majority, if not the entirety of the images using the means and squared style of medium format.

I have found my self becoming very intrigued with the use of the medium format and its great detail within the negative its self. I will continue to work as I have in the past using digital photography as a means of honest documentation but now having the access to a Hasselblad 501 has inspired me to work in a different, more conceptual way to create my photographs.

I have also begin to try incorporate the use of the hasselblad into my everyday work[ex.street, documentary, candid photography] Though I am happy with my results I have found it hard to work in certain lighting situations where the correct exposure/shutter speed is impossible to reach due to the lack of low light lenses that the hasselblad accepts.

Please keep up to date with my posts, as I will try to be more adamant about updating on the progress of my new project and other work.


Sam Gove

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