Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Black Sewage Lagoon and The Forest of Preservation

This Morning, sometime around 6am, I decided to go to my bed and try to sleep. I woke up by 1pm in the afternoon and made a hotdog sandwich and some coffee. A couple hours later Luca yelled for me from the bathroom, telling me to come quick. I entered the room to find a stream of water rushing out along the tiles of the floor. While cleaning up the water and trying to stop the flow from the toilet, Kim, my roommate, yells from the front of our apartment. When I find her a fountain of water began to bubble up from the drain set in the middle of the concrete which makes up our front stoop. So by this point there are now two locations around my apartment, in which water was leaking. To leave the apartment I had to make a path consisting of a paint can and a bucket; even though crossing the sewage water still wasn't a pleasurable experience. After calling my landlord the contractor arrived to fix the problem, and two hours later, with a front stoop that was covered in black sewage he left.

Apparently the problem turned out to be a mixture of the runoff created by the storm outside and a blocked up sewage drain. Awesome. Also we turned our most front den into the Green Room. The trees remind me of MIssouri. Soon enough.


Sam Gove

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